Savaria S64 Inclined Platform Lift

Designed to provide access over straight run stairs.


The Savaria S64 inclined platform lift is designed to provide access over straight-run stairs in commercial or public settings. The S64 lift carries a person in a wheelchair up or down a flight of constant gradient stairs safely. The lift travels along a rail system which is mounted on stanchions or a side wall. Without major renovations, the S64 can be installed to provide ADA-compliant access when an elevator or vertical lift are not viable options due to cost or space limitations.

The S64 lift folds up when not in use allowing full use of the stairs.  Simple to operate, the lift can also accommodate a mobility-reduced person on the folding seat.  Public building ready, the lift also includes a pedestrian warning light and audio to warn others when the lift is in operation.

With its pleasing design, the Savaria S64 delivers access on demand and harmonizes with your architecture.


  • Affordable alternative to an elevator or vertical lift
  • Unobtrusive designs
  • ADA compliant platform and public building ready
  • Machine roomless
  • Constant pressure buttons to move the lift up and down
  • Motor housed on board the lift
  • Pedestrian warning light and movement alarm
  • Folding seat with capacity of 253 lbs.
  • Modular rail design
  • Applications: Commercial, residential, indoors, outdoors
  • Stair Types: Straight, constant gradient stairs
  • Capacity: 507 lbs.
  • Speed: 16 ft/min
  • Minimum Stair Width: 42.12″
  • Motor: 1.35 hp
  • Gradient: Constant, 0˚ to 45˚
  • Power Supply: 115 volts AC, dedicated 15 amp circuit required