Alpha Response

For over 20 years the Alpha range of pressure redistributing mattresses has been proven to offer patients, carers and healthcare facilities a high level of comfort, clinical performance and cost-efficiency.

The Alpha Response™ system is a semi-automatic pressure redistribution solution, offering excellent clinical outcomes, lower risk and value for money. The system is suitable for a wide range of care settings from general ward and acute care to private or nursing home care.

Featuring ‘Auto-Profile Technology (APT)’, the system recognises when the patient is raised into a semirecumbent (Fowler’s) posture. Head and standard cell pressures are automatically increased to provide additional support and optimal pressure redistribution for the patient. This feature avoids the need for manual adjustment each time the patient changes position; ideal for busy facilities or low-supervision home care environments.

The system comprises of a mattress replacement, mattress overlay and seat cushion, providing healthcare facilities with a choice of pressure redistribution surface and a 24-hour therapy solution.
The system offers two therapy modes allowing carers to adjust the therapy and comfort offered to patients at any time:

  • Active (alternating) mode: periodically redistributes pressure away from vulnerable areas by inflating and deflating cells beneath the body every 10 minutes.
  • Reactive (constant lower pressure) mode: cell pressure is reduced and held constant across the surface in order to lower pressure exerted on the body